Art for Everyone

Arnoldo Hurtado
Arnoldo Hurtado ('10)

Arnoldo Hurtado ('10) wants more people to have access to the arts. In 2011, he set up the Red Studio Gallery near the Hurley Administration Building so passersby could see him making art. Now the Fort Worth-based artist drives the Artscream Truck, a former ice cream truck that he turned into a mobile gallery/studio space so community members can help with his projects

That includes the Convivio mural -- featuring a mariachi band set against a background of flowers and cacti -- in the Northside neighborhood of Fort Worth.

"Even if people have not practiced their creativity, there is always room to support those who have and the results can be powerful," he says. "We all have an innate creative spark, and while our current society has not always made it possible for us to explore that, I believe together we can create what we did with Convivio, on a mass society-changing scale."

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