Advice to My Freshman Self

Illustration depicting a figure using a light bulb, symbolising an idea, as a megaphone
Alums share ideas on how to make freshman year a little easier.

Sure, it's been awhile, but that doesn't mean we don't recall the things we wish we would have known when we first stepped foot on campus. Here, alums offer a few pieces of wisdom to our largest-ever freshman class.

"Everyone from the financial aid office to the dean is there to help you meet your goals. Remember to have fun -- enjoy the great opportunity of being a college student."

-- Rosa Rodriguez ('03)

"Don't forget where you came from. You will be educated but that does not mean you are above others. Use your knowledge gained for bettering the world."

-- Victor Lopez ('16)

"Stay organized and be ahead of schedule. Discipline equals freedom."

-- Steve Reineke ('17)

"If you're struggling, reach out to your professors. They really do care and want to help you. Show them that you care about your education."

-- Brittanie Schwartz ('18)

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