Talking Head

From left oto right, Kevin Smith and  Dan Franks ('08)
From left to right, Kevin Smith and Dan Franks ('08) (Photo courtesy of

Dan Franks' ('08) career in podcasting began at his accounting firm. Franks, a certified public accountant, was working at Beaird Harris & Co. in Dallas when he and a co-worker were discussing their love for podcasts. In 2013, they created their own show about the business world, Entrepreneur Showdown.

Now Franks (pictured right with movie director Kevin Smith) has created multiple podcasts, including Men Seeking Tomahawks, and he co-founded the Podcast Movement, an annual gathering of more than 2,000 podcasters from around the world.

"The beautiful thing about the medium is that there are no gatekeepers restricting who can do it," he says. "Anyone can start a podcast about anything they want, and if it is interesting enough, an audience will follow."

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