Student Fireman

I worked as a teenage student fireman along with other teenagers for the Denton Fire Department, all living in the Avenue B fire station just off campus, from 1946 to 1949.

At about 2 a.m. one morning, we received a call to extinguish a fire in one of the women's dormitories on campus. It being a women's dormitory, we dashed up the stairs only to find that a waste basket was on fire, which we quickly extinguished.

The next day, the Denton Record-Chronicle reported the incident, stating that it took the fire department 5 minutes to put out the fire and 30 minutes to put out the firemen.

We called ourselves the "Ulightem, Wefightem" Fraternity. I was in the August 1949 graduating class, receiving a B.B.A. degree. I have many fond memories of my four years at North Texas.

I worked in insurance most of my career, spending 32 years with Texas Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

Kenneth Gray ('49)
Mesa, Arizona

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