Ashley Stansbury ('07) and Halei Parker ('07) recently worked on a cool gig. They collaborated with George Takei on his musical Allegiance this spring in Los Angeles.

Stansbury, above at left, served as makeup designer and wigmaster and Parker as costume designer for the musical, which explores Takei's family's internment during World War II. Both describe working with Takei as a "dream."

And the theatre majors hope to land more positions in the fields they love.

"Becoming a makeup artist is the perfect combination of art and makeup, as applying makeup isn't much different than painting on a canvas," says Stansbury, who would like to work on special effects for film and TV.

Parker, above second from left, has worked in film and TV, but especially enjoys the theatre.

"It's where people let me have the most creative freedom, and I get to help tell the more powerful human stories," she says.

(From left to right: Ashley Stansbury, Halei Parker, George Takei and Taylor Decker)

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