Building Wealth

The Wealth Builder Challenge by Ricky Grunden Sr. and Dave Ragan

In the book The Wealth Builder Challenge (Grunden Financial Advisory Inc.), adjunct professor Dave Ragan ('03) and Ricky Grunden Sr. write about how Stans and Henrys can handle their money.

Stans represent "spend today, all now" individuals and "Henrys" are "high earners, not rich yet." The authors give advice they have accrued at Grunden Financial Advisory Inc., where Ragan is vice president of financial planning and Grunden is president and CEO. Grunden attended UNT from 1970 to 1973.

"Not everyone becomes wealthy through a lump sum inheritance," Ragan says. "A lot of it is through hard work, and we provide actionable steps to help readers create that wealth."

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