Mayborn Literary Conference

Lindy West at a podium

Three journalists with a gift for narrative nonfiction and news storytelling headlined UNT's Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference in July, themed "Are You Not Entertained? Real Stories, Real People, Real Storytelling." This year's event, held in Grapevine, addressed the art of storytelling in an era where journalists must not only inform but also entertain.

Sharing their expertise reporting on news in unique ways were Diana B. Henriques, a Pulitzer Prize finalist who has covered federal compensation after 9/11, financial exploitation of soldiers and post-Enron scandals; Lindy West (pictured), hailed by actress Lena Dunham for her efforts tackling topics in pop culture, body image and social justice; and L.A. Times reporter Christopher Goffard, the voice behind the popular "Dirty John" investigative podcast, which told the story of an Internet dating pursuit gone horribly wrong.


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