Game Creation

Book cover for Learning Games: The Science and Art of Development

Scott Warren, professor of learning technologies, shows readers how the video games Anytown, Chalk House and The Door were made in Learning Games: The Science and Art of Development (Springer International Publishing).

The book was written with the games' co-creator, the late Greg Jones ('87, '91 M.S.), who was a professor of learning technologies and an associate dean in the College of Information. They explain the process of creating the games, made using pre-Oculus Rift 3D systems, and how to design, develop and conduct research on complex educational games.

Warren, who will receive his second Ph.D. this fall in business administration and logistics at UNT, says, "We wanted to explain how our lives as gamers and geeks, as well as everyday experiences at home and in academia, foster and lead to valuable design thinking."

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