Facing Fears

Cierra Caballero wearing sweatshirt that says eat people
Cierra Caballero ('15) (Photo by Nathan Guerra)

Cierra Caballero ('15) doesn't scare easily. Not only is she an avid horror fan, she also tackles many artistic projects from a variety of fields. The media arts major is a writer and vlogger for PopNerdTV and the YouTube horror show Jump Scare.

"Horror isn't just gore, it can be psychological, suspenseful, shadows around the corner," she says. "Horror is about facing your fears, the things that make you uncomfortable."

But horror is just one of Caballero's interests. She also was lead singer for the metal band Unveiled and started a new band called Ocean's Forgive. And she is writing a fantasy and mystery novel.

"My goal is to share my art with others, to make people laugh or relate in some way," she says. "I just genuinely love being an artist in every medium, and I can't imagine not being creative."

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