Students step foot on the University of North Texas campus with big hopes and dreams. They want college to be a time for personal transformation when they develop skills, confidence and a network of friends. They are seeking a place where creativity is nurtured and where people care about their overall well-being and success. At UNT, we go the extra mile to help our students soar higher.

As you'll read in our cover story, UNT is embracing the students of Generation Z, those age 23 and younger, and we're evolving in the ways we serve and teach our students. As we work to become one of the most exciting and innovative institutions in the country, it is important we adapt to meet students' changing needs. We're using data to inform academic changes meant to improve retention and are focusing on better connecting students to our resources and programs to ensure their success.

UNT has an opportunity to become central to the growth of the creative economy -- to be a place where creativity and technology unite to drive innovation in a digital age. UNT alumni continue to thrive through such disruption. They're adapting and leveraging their skills for new career paths and opportunities, like the educators, and serial entrepreneur Dave Copps ('91), who plays a major role in the world of artificial intelligence.

By introducing valuable new programs such as data analytics and music entrepreneurship, and building dynamic corporate partnerships that lead to internships and job offers for our students, we will continue to deliver the best education in Texas.

At UNT, we're focused on helping our students become the creative leaders of tomorrow.

UNT proud,

Neal Smatresk

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