Nerding Out

Whitney Lovett-Shin ('14)Whitney Lovett-Shin ('14) says her favorite part about her job is getting to "nerd out" about magic, space travel and sharknados.

Lovett-Shin is a producer for the SYFY channel, where she writes and oversees the network's online content and on-air bumpers and promos, including the DVD release of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and the New Year's Eve Twilight Zone marathon.

The media arts major moved to New York City after graduation, without any connections, but began networking and freelancing -- hard work that she learned was necessary to find success in the industry from media arts professor James Martin.

"The main thing is to keep learning," Lovett-Shin says. "Being a producer has allowed me not only to meet and work with many talented media professionals, but also to grow as a person."