Global Music

Michael Solomon Williams  (Photo by G.H. Rashel)An overwhelming international response to a Facebook post by London-based singer and UNT alum Michael Solomon Williams inspired him to write a song that brought musicians together from around the world.

After several divisive events, including Brexit and the assassination of British politician Jo Cox in 2016, Solomon Williams -- who was an exchange student at UNT from Leeds in 2003 and 2004 -- wrote "Human Kind."

The song was recorded at the end of a collaborative concert in London by hundreds, and later completed with contributions from nearly a thousand solo artists worldwide.

The video single features guitarist Brad Allen Williams ('03), saxophonist Brian Donohoe ('00, '07 M.M.) and members of jazz band Snarky Puppy, including Solomon Williams' former bandmate and roommate Michael League and alums Jay Jennings, Mike Maher ('04), Chris Bullock, Justin Stanton ('10 M.M.) and Bob Lanzetti ('04).

"This song seems to have a lot of life in it!" Solomon Williams says.