Highly Acclaimed Work

Claire Legrand ('08, '10 M.S.) (Photo by Ellen B. Wright)Claire Legrand ('08, '10 M.S.) wants to connect with readers, whether it's as a writer or a librarian. Legrand was nominated for an Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Book for the novel Some Kind of Happiness (Simon & Schuster).

In the book, 11-year-old Finley Hart imagines a forest kingdom to escape the sadness she often feels. Then she discovers the kingdom is behind her grandparents' home and she must save it. Legrand drew from her own experiences with depression and her love for her family.

"It feels like I wove my heart into each and every page," she says. "My hope is that the nomination helps the book find its way into the hands of readers, especially young readers who need it."

She has written five books, including The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls and Foxheart, and is a librarian in Princeton, N.J.

"As an author, I frequently visit schools and talk to students about writing, reading and pursuing dreams," she says. "As a librarian, I help people in my community find their next favorite book, learn new things, and connect with technology and resources that help them complete projects both personal and professional. Those moments of connection are unforgettable."