Untraditional Work

Naomi S. Adams ('12 M.F.A.) (Photo by Dani Gribas)Naomi S. Adams ('12 M.F.A.) uses an unusual material for her quilts -- dyed batting, which is usually white and hidden inside the seams of traditional quilts.

Adams, who is an assistant professor of art at Idaho State University, has won several awards for her work, including the "Most Innovative Use of the Medium Award" in the Quilt National 2011. And there's a deeper meaning to using the batting as part of her artform.

"I am intrigued by the way we constantly adapt to change and are continually reconfigured by our experiences and influences from the world around us," she says. "We may want to cover up experiences or parts of our lives, but remnants of those parts of ourselves are always there, in some manifestation, often peeking out from behind a front we have created."