Examining a Hometown Controversy

Bomb CityJamie Brooks ('11) was a middle school student in Amarillo in 1997 when a brawl broke out in his hometown between some jocks and punk rock kids, resulting in the death of Brian Deneke, 19, from a deliberate hit-and-run. During the murder trial, Deneke's character was questioned because he looked like a punk rocker. And his assailant received only 10 years probation.

Brooks, pictured at left in photo, brought that story of social intolerance to the big screen with Bomb City, which has won audience awards at both the Dallas International Film Festival and Nashville Film Festival. Oscar-nominated director Richard Linklater hosted the movie at the Austin Film Society. Deneke's family also has been supportive of the film.

"It's been an incredible journey so far, and hopefully the film will continue to inspire audiences," Brooks says.


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