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Black-and-white night photo of the Hurley Administration BuildingI was at "NTSU" from '67 to '71. There were so many wonderful things happening then on campus and in Denton. One of my favorite mental images is of the Administration Building clock tower illuminated at night in mist or fog looking not unlike a Childe Hassam painting ... alluring and beautiful.

I also remember spring afternoons by the old Library pond close to the Power Plant discussing a better world!

Richard Middleton


I love a lot about UNT. I spent more than 80 hours a week there some weeks: studying, mentoring, being mentored, undergraduate researching, hanging out in the Union, overnighting in the McNair Office.

But what has always been a great love is the sheer fact that UNT to this day endures to support and mentor me. The UNT experience transcends the four, or however many years, you work on your degree(s). It is unending.

Kameron Lewellen ('13)


I loved everything about my college days, Kerr Hall, the food in Kerr Cafeteria that caused the freshman 15. Then the Union and walking through and the One O'Clock jazz band playing. I loved College Inn and sorority life. Back in 1983, Denton wasn't too busy, so it was a small college town, just big enough!

Donna Roy


Lab Band and Leon Breeden at the Union

Does the Lab Band still play in the UB on a particular afternoon? When I left NTSU in the winter of 1963 I think I recall that they played Thursdays in the afternoon. We would all come and dance the afternoon away. Those are great memories.

Kathy Nesbitt Smith
via email

Editor's note: You can find jazz ensembles, including the lab bands, playing in the Syndicate of the new Union on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 p.m. to midnight and Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 12:50 p.m. during the long semesters. Check in September for the fall schedule.


I remember when it was still NTSU. One winter I tried to cross an icy ditch, fell down, and had to go on hands and knees to grab a bush and pull myself out!

Another time my husband and I gave six people a ride from a basketball game at the "Snake Pit" in our two door Toyota Corolla! Who remembers, "Welcome to the Pit! Welcome to the Pit!" I think we won every game in that gym.

Julie Dovalina ('72)
San Antonio


I had the best experience of my life in graduate school.

I didn't even have to visit the campus, before deciding to leave my fiancé, family and news station job, to know UNT was where I needed to be. The Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism provided the best education I could have possibly received.

The academic rigor was definitely worth it. Everything I learned in each of my classes can be applied to my job I got right out of school. I am a proud Mean Green alum who shows it loud and proud when I wear my UNT T-shirts almost every weekend in Austin. I absolutely love UNT. Best school in the nation.

Brianna Vela ('15 M.J.)


Eppy as NTSU became UNT

Where do I start? Bruce Hall with no air conditioner, but all the band students lived there; all-girl Maple Hall; the "hang-out" dorm Kerr Hall; West Hall way down the street by that 7-11 where the freshmen stayed; the Pit to watch basketball games; Dr. Richard Wells in journalism; Dean Greg Sawyer and the Student Union; Eppy the Eagle; the Flying Tomato; Voertman's Book Store ... the memories will last forever!

Dorothy Gentry ('91)


One of the things I love about UNT is the diversity.

I love that we get to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds right on our campus. I also enjoy sharing my own traditions with other students and friends so they can learn about my culture like I learn from theirs.

Gloria Aguirre ('16)


The professors in and affiliated with the College of Education are some of the best. When I was an undergraduate, Dr. Alexandra Leavell helped me to develop a love for reading. I always saw reading as a chore, but since her class I realized that reading is and can be enjoyable. I bring a book now everywhere I go. Even family and friends are surprised when they see me with a book in my hand and still comment on my "transformation."

Cecilia Chen ('15),
graduate student


I remember walking to the Union a million times a day to check our mailboxes (we didn't have emails and text back then), Clark Hall midnight soccer games, walking to New York Sub for lunch on Saturday, seeing Harry Connick Jr. in concert at the Pit, giving campus tours to incoming students and families, donating blood at the university blood drive, working as a freshman orientation advisor. Fun times!

Heather Whitlock Hays ('96)

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