Great Things are Happening

Tommy Okon and "Mean" Joe Green (Photo courtesy of CBS)Pass it on: Great things are happening at UNT. Learn about them here and share our successes with your family and friends.

  • Communication design ranked best in Southwest. UNT's tuition costs, location and admission rates are some of the reasons Animation Career Review ranked the communication design program as the No. 1 graphic design program in the Southwest. An independent online source for people seeking careers in animation and gaming, ACR also ranked the program fifth among public universities and 22nd nationally.
  • Alums create 'Campus in Your Pocket' app. UNT innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, as proven by alumni Trey Tartt ('08, '11 M.S.) and Adam Selby ('14), who also is an IT specialist on campus. They created a free app, Mochila: Campus in Your Pocket, to help students navigate campuses and college life. They launched the app, which shows campus buildings, events and more, at UNT, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, Texas Tech and Cornell.
  • A Super Bowl reunion at Apogee. Alum "Mean" Joe Greene, Pittsburgh Steelers legend and Super Bowl 50 Golden Team member, returned to his alma mater this February to reminisce about an iconic commercial for CBS' Super Bowl Greatest Commercials All-Star Countdown special. In a segment shot at UNT's Apogee Stadium, Greene reunited with Tommy Okon, the actor who as a 9-year-old shared a Coca-Cola with him in the award-winning ad that ran during Super Bowl XIV in 1980. It was voted by viewers as the fourth best Super Bowl commercial of all time and can still be enjoyed on the video board at Mean Green games.