Danielle Burbidge

Written by: 
Jennifer Pache

Daniell Burbidge (Photo by Gary Payne)How can you add style to your home or office space?

The smell of fresh flowers and the outdoors makes the spring season the perfect time to freshen up your home or office. Danielle Burbidge ('12), a graduate of UNT's interior design program and a design assistant at Mary Anne Smiley Interiors in Dallas, has a few tips to get you closer to a bright, open and trendy new space. She says it's important for designers to experiment with ideas, think outside the box and have an eye for detail.

"Anyone can use these tips to design the space of their dreams and continuously expand on their design to keep a room or work space fresh and on trend," she says.

Keep an eye out for designs you like

  • Start a look book. You don't have to be a professional designer to have a look book. Keep photos of your favorite designs to help you create designs entirely on your own.
  • Use online resources. The designer-friendly websites Pinterest or Houzz are good places to start. You can learn about wall colors, patterns and furniture pieces that are on trend for small or large spaces.

Own your style

  • Buy things you actually like. No matter how beautiful the space, if you don't like the décor, it won't work.
  • Good designs are timeless. Trendy styles might look good now, but will they still look good in a year? You may prefer a wall color you find relaxing rather than a color that's trending.
  • Don't be afraid to throw away décor. Get rid of the old for the new to help make your space feel inviting and fresh. Or mix the old with the new. Whichever you choose, design a space that helps you feel at home.

Tailor your design for your lifestyle

  • Know what you need. If you have kids or pets, choose more durable materials and paints. Get things that will last well and look good for years.
  • Functional also can be fashionable. Select accessories that are pleasing to the eye and that give you a good vibe when in your new space.
  • Change things up. It's always fun to change details every once in a while. Switch out throw pillows or add a new rug when you get tired of the 'old' look.