Comic Relief

Megan McKayMegan McKay is just finishing up a degree in journalism with a concentration in advertising and a minor in art history, but she's already gained praise for her work as a cartoonist. Her blog, Doodle for Food, got the attention of the website The Daily Dot, which featured her as an artist-in-residence for a week last spring. Her work also has been featured in CollegeHumor and LINE Webtoon.

Her cartoons, which depict the messy life of a college student, began when she started drawing goofy comics to relieve stress.

"People seemed to really relate to those comics, so I kept making more and more," she says. "I enjoy making people laugh, and I think comics are the easiest way to convey my humor. Plus, the community of webcomic creators is amazing, and I love being a part of that."