A Terrific Decision

NTSU frogI discovered UNT while on my college visits during the summer after high school graduation. My mother and I visited Kansas State University and then proceeded to drive to San Antonio to visit my cousin. On Highway 35 in Denton, we saw Fouts Field and a sign pointing to NTSU.

A decision was made to make a quick visit and what a terrific decision it was. From that tour of what was then a considerably smaller campus, my mind was made up. I feel that the education was exceptional, the professors very professional and the overall atmosphere on campus very friendly.

Sports dominated my interests at North Texas, from football at Fouts Field to basketball in the Pit, also known as the Men’s Gym. There was excitement after games. My friend Bob Rombach and I extended the sports season during the summer months by coaching a Little League baseball team. Bob was recently inducted into the Texas Coaches Hall of Fame for his success as a high school baseball coach. 

Of course, it was not all fun and games. Much time was consumed studying and preparing for classes. During the summer of 1965, I met my future wife, Susan Bird ('66), and life changed. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in 2016.

I had four jobs at North Texas, basically one a year — working at Morrison Milling and Buddies Bakery, working as a Fuller Brush salesman door to door, and managing the Palm Gardens apartments for Joe Nichols Insurance Agency.

I lived in West Dorm, 1903 Edwards, 314 Jagoe, 1923 Chestnut and 1003 Eagle Drive. Favorite eating establishments were Johnny's hamburgers, La Casita, Hickory House, The Texan. The Campus and Fine Arts theater provided respite off campus and for further enjoyment there was always Lake Dallas and, further south, Big D. Favorites were Ray’s Bluenote, the Rubyiat and the Shed. Favorite professors were Lee Knox, Walter Hansen, J.K.G. Silvey, Odus Mitchell. Favorite classes were anatomy, physiology, botany and field biology.

The NTSU frog (pictured) was purchased at Voertman's Book Store by my future wife as a gift to me for Valentine's Day 1966. Little did we know that the gift would start a hobby of collecting frogs of all sorts, for birthdays, holidays, etc. I think we have every frog ever created!

Michael Doucleff ('67)
Alton, Ill.