Public Art

Eagle sculpture by Bret BrauningerI recently was able to reunite with some of my closest Kerr Hall dorm buddies from more than 30 years ago. It was a terrific weekend. We took one day to just walk around campus and relive the memories of the paths to and from our classes.

We went up to our old rooms in Kerr, and although there have been many changes, there was still enough familiarity to recall some of the greatest times of our lives.

We went back down to the lobby and exited the doors heading toward the main campus. It was here that I was totally shocked to see my senior sculpture project on permanent display just to the right of the entrance.

Back in 1982, I began my senior project, a metal sculpture of an eagle with wings spread to a full 5 feet. The eagle was on a large rock, affixed to a metal base and post. During my last semester, I got married and sold the sculpture to the housing department. I made just enough to make it back home with my new bride. It was all the money we had to begin our lives in Beaumont.

Someone had finally put the sculpture on display at Kerr where I had lived. I was so pleased to see it. Someday I would like to get an engraved nameplate put on it so that all who see it will know I was an R.A. in Kerr and a member of the Class of 1983.

Bret Brauninger ('83)