Design For Living

Written by: 
Jessica DeLeĆ³n

Loyd Taylor ('59) (Photo by Adam Fish)Loyd Taylor ('59) was named to D Home Magazine's 50 Best Designers survey -- capping a long career as one of Dallas' top interior designers.

Taylor owns Loyd-Paxton, which he ran with his partner, the late Paxton Gremillion.

Taylor's love for fine arts and decoration began as a young child when his mother -- who studied to be a fashion designer -- taught him to feel the textures of fabrics, study color combinations and appreciate fine details and craftsmanship.

His education at North Texas -- under such faculty as Ray Gough, Cora Stafford and Ron Williams -- further paved his career. He gave back to UNT by donating a large collection of his mother's and his personal clothing to the Texas Fashion Collection in 2012.

"I believe UNT has one of the best art schools in the United States, but from there, any student must continue to study, keep up with current trends, travel, look at great examples of designers' work, look at great interiors of all periods and use the classics as a reference in all styles for balance, form, arrangements," he says. "I am continually studying, going to exhibits and lectures, and meeting people of all cultures from around the world."