Winning Numbers

Elijah Lam, Josue Leija and Mason Hendrickson (Photo by Michael Clements)Pass it on: Great things are happening at UNT. Learn about them here and share our successes with your family and friends.

  • Science meets art. At only 16, Aditya Vaidya, a first-year Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science student working with Armin Mikler, professor of computer science and engineering, has created a computer model that uses weather and climate change data to predict mosquito populations. Also a consummate violinist, Vaidya has been invited by Carnegie Hall to perform in February as part of its Honors Performance Series, which brings together some of the best young performers around the world.
  • Number-crunchers. As the host for American Math Competitions, UNT this fall began helping eighth grade and high school students from the North Texas region sharpen their math skills. UNT is the first university in the Dallas Fort Worth area to host the free competitions in which students tackle 25 multiple choice questions in 40 minutes -- a creative exercise to help strengthen their problem-solving abilities.
  • Winning investors. Team GoMeanGreen -- sophomore finance majors, Bao Lam, Josue Leija and Mason Hendrickson -- won TD Ameritrade's First Collegiate Trading Competition, the thinkorswim Challenge. Their virtual stock portfolio grew 213 percent to $1,565,176 at the end of four weeks of trading. They each won $3,500 to deposit in a brokerage account. And, TD Ameritrade donated $30,000 to UNT, which will create an endowment to benefit UNT's Student Investment Group. Listen to team captain Hendrickson discuss strategy on CNBC's Closing Bell.

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