Mexican Consulate Agreement

From left, Dallas ISD Board President Miguel Solís, UNT Provost Warren Burggren, Consul General of Mexico Jose Octavio Tripp and MITO Financial representatives celebrate the Ventanilla de Educación ribbon cutting at the Mexican Consular offices this fall. (Photo by Trisha Spence)A partnership between UNT and the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas has created an education information center housed in the Mexican Consular offices to serve the North Texas region.

Through the center's "Ventanilla de Oportunidades Educativas" program, also known as the Educational Opportunities Station Program, this fall, UNT began providing information on educational opportunities to the Mexican community in the North Texas region, strengthening UNT's community engagement, says Gabriel Carranza, assistant vice provost for international affairs at UNT.

"As it has done since its creation as a school for teachers, UNT continues to contribute to the education of the residents of the region," Carranza says. "UNT is proud to work with the Consulate of Mexico, the business community and educational institutions and organizations in the region to disseminate knowledge and educational opportunities to the Mexican community."

More than 500 people and their families visit the Mexican Consulate in Dallas every day, including Mexican nationals with visas, permanent residents, U.S.-Mexican citizens, and U.S. citizens, among others. Offices in the "Ventanillas" program have previously been established in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Another outreach effort of the consulates is the "Ventanillas de Salud" program, which addresses health care issues.

"These are the kind of partnerships that cultivate new, meaningful relationships," Carranza says. "They bring value to UNT and the communities around us."

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