A Wonderful Time

Dyche's CornerI do love getting The North Texan. I graduated with a B.A. in speech and drama in 1962. What I had the privilege of experiencing is pretty much dead and gone everywhere. We could golf for 25 cents or $2 a month at the North Texas course. They only charged us $6 a month at the beautiful TWU course. We danced to 'Fessor and the Aces. We sat and listened to those wonderful jazz bands.

I took P.E. with Sweet Estes and her stable, riding those horses in the woods and prairies, now covered by concrete. Angel taught us to dance in P.E. and we used that info at the school dances. In the fall of '59, hundreds of us watched the World Series together at the UB.

Food was cheap -- five hamburgers for a dollar, a hot roast beef plate for 45 cents, a full all-you-could eat meal at the Hopkins House for 65 cents, and we often just ate once a day. Saturdays we had breakfast at Dyche's Corner and would often golf until dark.

What a wonderful time in my life.

Joe D. Taylor ('62)

Editor's note: The photo we uncovered of Dyche's is from around 1942. Advertised specials at that time included a T-bone steak, fries and a salad for 50 cents, and a strawberry sundae made with real straw­berries for 15 cents.