2013 UNT Research magazine

2013 UNT Research magazine coverIs Nature the Answer? Read the the 2013 edition of UNT Research magazine.

  • Sustainability - At the new Research Greenhouse Complex at UNT's Discovery Park, Stevens Brumbley, associate professor of biological sciences, is engineering grasses such as sugarcane to create more environmentally friendly plastic. Bioplastics or their precursors are made in the cells of the plants, accumulating there until harvested.
  • Creative Writing - UNT's program makes a name for itself with renowned faculty and talented student writers.
  • Medical Research - Nanoparticles, nerve networks and mutant worms help battle disease.
  • Forensic Science - From battlefields to campus laboratories, faculty use mass spectrometry and forensic insights to help solve crimes.
  • NSF Graduate Fellows - Students in chemistry, engineering and environmental science earn prestigious support.
  • Peace Studies - Faculty in the Castleberry Peace Institute study the factors that influence political violence and human security.





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