The Sky is the Limit

President V. Lane Rawlins speaks at commencement this May. More than 4,000 students earned degrees. UNT graduates more than 8,500 students each year. (Photo by Leslie Wimmer)UNT has always been focused on the success of our students, and there is no better reward or milestone than seeing them graduate. At the May commencement, I joined the UNT community in celebrating the more than 4,000 students who earned their degrees, becoming part of an annual graduating class at UNT that is 8,500-strong.

Graduation is a time for both our students and our university to relish the fruits of our labor. The students' hard work has paid off in the form of a college degree and a future ripe with possibility. And our overarching commitment to our students annually produces thousands of new UNT graduates who will excel as leaders, doers and thinkers. You can read more about the greatness of our alumni, students and faculty in the President's Annual Report 2012.

This is public higher education at its best because it shows how UNT is a place of transformation. Each one of us is making a difference in our students' education, whether we're educators, mentors or proud alumni.

Many of us also are making a difference in more direct ways through our comprehensive fundraising campaign, called The light is green. The time is now. The Campaign for UNT, which we unveiled this spring. You can read more about the campaign and about its leadership.

The Campaign for UNT is about much more than raising money. Like everything we do at UNT, it is ultimately about showing our students that the sky is the limit and helping them soar to the greatest heights.

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