Pond Legacy

Robert L. Marquis Sr. and his wifeI remember walking across the campus from the UNT demonstration school in the mid 1950s and stopping to ponder my grandfather's legacy at the Fish Pond. My grandfather, Robert L. Marquis Sr. (pictured with his wife), had come to North Texas as a biology professor in 1918-20. He was president of the college from 1923 to 1934.

During his time as president, he planned many areas for the planting of trees and the beautification of the campus. One of his contributions was the Fish Pond. He felt that the students needed a quiet place to contemplate, read, study or simply enjoy nature.

The beautiful solace of the pond, located at the very heart of the campus, did provide just this for many years. He also placed a gazebo (designed by O'Neil Ford) that still remains on the east side of the old administration building.

I never knew my grandfather. He passed away while still serving his beloved college. However, those who did know him cared deeply for him. He was a man of faith, honor and principle, and he worked tirelessly to lift the human spirit. I feel blessed to have part of his exquisite spirit within me.

Susan Marquis Friday
Lockesburg, Ark.