Alumni Ambassadors

Leah Hatfield ('77) (Photo by Gary Payne)Leah Hatfield ('77), has remained active on campus long after graduation. She is one of the UNT Alumni Association's Alumni Ambassadors, a group formed so association board members can continue to be involved in the organization after their term expires — although membership is open to all Alumni Association members. Ambassadors attend activities such as the ring ceremony for graduating seniors and visit with new members at the Alumni Pavilion at UNT's Apogee Stadium during football games. They also help at graduation receptions, welcoming new alumni.

"I just love the kids," Hatfield says. "That's what really drives me. I hear some of the best life stories talking to them."

Diane Moore Grandey ('68), who founded the organization in 2009 and serves as the coordinator, says the group is enthusiastic about UNT and the Alumni Association.

"Most members are involved in many ways on campus and love UNT," she says. "We enjoy any opportunity to spread the word about the wonderful things going on here."

Hatfield, who frequently attends concerts, sporting events and other UNT activities, says alumni have a responsibility to support their alma mater. But she also has an extra incentive to attend events.

"I just love to have fun at UNT," she says.

A new board has just been elected to the UNT Alumni Association.

To join the association or learn more, visit the UNT Alumni Association web site, email or call 940-565-2834.