Four Bold Steps Forward

Since 1890, UNT has been a place where students can change their lives through knowledge and opportunity because our mission is to provide an excellent educational experience.

This makes UNT a Green Giant. Green, because we take the light of knowledge and transform it into the energy of problem solving as an innovative public research university. Giant, because we serve tens of thousands of students and millions of people as the nation’s 26th largest public university.

To become a giant among major public research universities, we must imagine all that we can be tomorrow and build on all that we are today. So we created a new five-year strategic plan that builds on our excellence and motivates us to stretch in new ways.

At the heart of the plan are four bold goals that will help us to become a leader in and out of the classroom and at the top of people’s minds. In a momentous event Feb. 13, we unveiled these goals along with a new iconic theme line, “A green light to greatness.

These are expressions of who we are and our ultimate aim of being a university that helps our students achieve greatness because of the education, support and opportunities we offer. We strive to provide our students with an educational experience that will enable them to reach their full potential and to compete with anyone, anywhere. And we are a resource that helps keep our region, state and nation strong and competitive.

The new strategic plan and theme line are about moving forward and reaching the pinnacle. And as we become the superior university we are meant to be, we will help transform our students and our communities.