Cultural Learning

Multicultural and cultural student organizations at UNT embrace the university's diverse student body and provide a platform for students to learn about other cultures and traditions.

The multicultural student organization, World Echoes, is one of more than 30 international and cultural groups at UNT whose sole purpose is to promote friendship, leadership and the understanding of other cultures. The group, founded at UNT in 2001, helps increase awareness of global issues, strengthen friendships among different cultures and serve the community, says Mallory Schier, World Echoes interim president.

The organization's 540 members attend game nights, workshops, international festivals and movie screenings. Members also participate in volunteer work, camping trips and dancing events, Schier says.

"We organize events as diverse as we are," she says.

"We want to help people of international backgrounds come together and foster new friendships."

ChloƩ Halley, historian for World Echoes, says the organization often hosts events based on a particular culture's interests or holidays, such as the Chinese New Year and American Thanksgiving.

"We bring everyone together while learning something new," she says.

The UNT Multicultural Center also is a great way for students to learn about different cultures, says Cara Walker, assistant director of the center. The Buddy System, the center's peer mentor program, is one way it connects students with others on campus from different backgrounds, she says.

"The center offers resources, educational opportunities and events that build inclusion," Walker says. "We teach diversity through student engagement."