Noise book cover“Edgy, “disturbing” and “riveting” are words reviewers are using to describe Darin Bradley’s debut novel Noise, published by Spectra, a division of Random House.

Bradley (’02, ’04 M.A., ’07 Ph.D.), administrative editor of the UNT English department’s Studies in the Novel, earned his doctorate in English literature and theory and has taught courses on writing and literature at East Tennessee State University, Furman University and UNT.

In Noise, after anarchists hijack the old analog airwaves to warn of the collapse of civilization, two young men use their scouting and gaming skills to write their own survival guide and lead a band of hackers and misfits into the post-Apocalyptic world. Their guide begins: “[1] i) This Book assumes many things. ii) Among them, that you are still alive. …”

Publishers Weekly calls Noise “an exceptionally polished debut” that falls “somewhere between The Lord of the Flies and The Zombie Survival Guide.

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