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Marian Brock Photo by Travis Williams (’06)

Marian Brock has come a long way from her first role as a tightrope walker in a kindergarten play. The hard-working actress is the female lead in the Oscar-winning short film God of Love.

Marian Brock (’05) knew she had stumbled upon something special when filming God of Love.

On the first day of shooting, the actress walked onto a set with balloons on the ceiling and a treasure chest full of wine. Every detail of the romantic scene seemed picture-perfect.

But she’s still trying to wrap her head around the news that the 18-minute film about a love struck, lounge-singing darts champion won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short. Brock played the female lead, Kelly, in God of Love, which already had won critical acclaim and snagged a student Oscar for best narrative film. The short is included in the bonus features of the 127 Hours DVD.

“Everyone was always willing to go that extra step,” Brock says of the cast and crew for the film, which was created as a graduate thesis by New York University student Luke Matheny. “I am so proud of everyone involved.”

No stranger to hard work

Now, New York-based Brock – who had to work seven non-acting jobs last summer – is scheduling interviews with agents and getting audition invitations, including one from a respected theatrical company. The Academy Award winners were announced in Los Angeles Feb. 27.

“This is truly the greatest blessing I have ever had in my career,” says Brock, who earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre. “I worked very hard, and I am very proud of that, and to have it come to fruition is just so awesome, so inspiring, and I am still completely awestruck.”

Kelly, the jazz drummer

In the film, Matheny’s character, the darts playing lounge singer Ray, is secretly in love with jazz drummer Kelly and mysteriously receives a box of darts. Any person hit by a mystery dart becomes romantically attached to him for six hours.

Brock nabbed the part by posting her resume on a website for actors. Her jazz-drumming roommate taught her to play drums in the basement.

Brock’s fascination with theater began early — with her first role as a tightrope walker in a kindergarten play. By third grade, she made her debut as a playwright when her Austin private school produced her play about two mice scared of a cat — with Brock playing the cat.

UNT provided a strong foundation

At UNT, she learned from theatre professors Marjorie Hayes, Lorenzo Garcia, Barbara Cox and Andy Harris. They insisted she learn the technical aspects of theater. That knowledge helped when she had to prepare her own costumes and makeup in non-paying roles to gain exposure in New York.

She has found balance doing what she loves and earning money, she says. She acts in theatrical productions and films and earns extra money as a children’s party entertainer. She also is a member of the National Comedy Theatre, performs in the arts education organization Story Pirates, does voice-over work at Studio Center and performs in Renaissance festivals across the country as a member of the Washing Well Wenches.

“To have balance and to have a life where I do what I love and get paid for it is the best thing I can ever imagine,” she says. “And I think that’s true of everybody.”

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