Henry Whiddon

Seeing the obituary notice for Henry Whiddon in the fall North Texan brought back fond memories.

As an art major, I took Figure Drawing from Mr. Whiddon in the mid-’60s. We were required to use tablets of large drawing paper for our classes. As a student on a very limited budget trying to purchase supplies for all my art classes, I sometimes found the money running out before the end of the month.

That situation occurred one time when I needed to purchase a new drawing tablet for my class. Not having the necessary funds at that time, I brought a smaller tablet that I already owned until I could purchase another of the required size.

When Mr. Whiddon noticed and quietly commented on my smaller-sized paper, I said I hoped to be able to purchase the correct size soon. He made no further comment, but later in the class, he came to me carrying a large almost-new drawing tablet. He said, “A student left this tablet here last semester, so you may as well use it.”

Nothing about this exchange was done in a way to embarrass me, but it let me know he had sized up my situation and cared enough to help me find a solution.

I always considered Mr. Whiddon one of my favorite professors — not only because he certainly knew how to teach art and get the best from his students, but also because he showed me that he cared about us.

Marsha Slaughter Barrett (’66)

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