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Melodic Military Eagles by Rafael McDonnell
Winter 2006      


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A singing sergeant

A 22-year veteran

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Melodic Military Eagles

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A singing sergeant

Tech Sergeant Nathan CarlisleTech Sgt. Nathan Carlisle (’06) is a tenor with the Singing Sergeants, the 24-member official chorus of the U.S. Air Force. One of the eight performing ensembles that make up the U.S. Air Force Band, the group is composed of professional vocalists who are all sergeants in the Air Force.

While at UNT, Carlisle sang in the A Cappella Choir for four years and took part in 11 productions of the UNT Opera. This year he was a soloist on a live C-SPAN broadcast of the Veteran’s Day Memorial concert at Arlington National Cemetery.

Of his Air Force basic training experience, he says, “Quite simply, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

But he says there’s no better job.

“When we tour, we get a lot of veterans who come up to talk to us and shake our hands. It’s a great feeling to perform before them.”


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