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The North Texan welcomes letters from alumni and friends. Send letters, with writer's full name and address, to

The North Texan; University of North Texas; University Relations, Communications and Marketing; P.O. Box 311070; Denton, Texas;

Letters may also be faxed to (940) 369-8763, sent via e-mail to or submitted on this page. Letters may be edited for length and publication style.



North Texan Fall 2005 coverWhat a delight to read your article about the Cooks — Eben, Naomi and Adam (fall 2005).

All three were my art students at Cedar Hill High School during the ’90s, so I was not surprised to see them held in such high regard as students at UNT. They are some of my all-time favorite students.

The article was so correct when speaking of the differences in the three siblings who all share a wonderful artistic talent.

Naomi was valedictorian of her class and in her valedictory speech compared life to art. It was one of the best valedictory speeches that I have ever heard.

I am so glad that all three are making their mark on the art world, and I have no doubt they will all be quite successful.

Linda Martin
Chair, Department
of Fine Arts, Cedar
Hill High School

Birthday concert

Bob Kenton performing with saxophonists Adam Strange, Chad Donohue and Isaac LamarRegarding the photo of me on page 30 of the fall issue, you did not indicate that I was performing at UNT at the time. My recital with the UNT Jazz Repertory Ensemble was April 24, the day before my 75th birthday.

In 2001 I donated my Las Vegas Saxes dance band library to the UNT jazz studies program. Dr. John Murphy (’84, ’86 M.M.) invited me to play this concert using my LVS arrangements.

I have now performed in three of the university’s music buildings. As an undergraduate, I played recitals in the Music Hall from 1954 to 1957. When I returned in the ’60s for my master’s degree, I performed in the “new” music building, and the concert this year was in the current Music Building.

Robert Stanton
(’57, ’67 M.M.)
Sun City West, Ariz.

Pleasant, gutsy

I was very surprised when I saw the fall North Texan cover, because I actually knew this person. I have only met Ms. [Jean] Andrews one time, but it was so pleasant that I will never forget her. I was on a flight from DFW to Austin for a business conference and she was seated right beside me.

Of course, we soon found out that we are both North Texas exes, and that gave us an instant camaraderie. She is such a very interesting and enjoyable person that I happily got her business card so I could contact her at a later date.

Steve Sebastian (’81)
Greenville, S.C.

I teach American children in a Department of Defense School near Lakenheath Air Force Base in the United King-dom.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy receiving The North Texan as it is a little touch of home for me. I especially enjoyed “The Pepper Lady” issue as Jean Andrews is so gutsy.

Oddly enough I have thought about applying to do a further degree in art, possibly at UNT, when I retire; how-ever, I will be closer to 60. Would they still want a “Little Old Lady” but not in tennis shoes but walking shoes?
I also was pleased to read that Ms. Andrews had received a Jane Grigson award. Jane Grigson, who is English, is a favorite chef I follow, and I have attended her cookery demonstrations.
Keep up the good work with offering a variety of articles focusing on the “North Texan” grad.

Karen K. Green (’68)
RAF Lakenheath,

Claim to fame

Chloe Stalcup Kin shares space with Frank Spencer in the 1943 YuccaI was so thrilled to read the story of Dr. Frank Spencer (spring 2005). I remember how handsome he was and so very quiet. He has proven to be a very valuable human in saving those in the war.

My claim to fame is that my photo is underneath his in the 1943 Yucca.
Chloe D. Stalcup
King (’44)

In the meantime . . .

Although we’ve had no luck locating the owner of the North Texas class ring found in Colorado (winter 2004), in the meantime we managed to reunite another lost ring with the family of its owner. Robert Isgur of Seattle, Wash., sent us an e-mail asking for help:

My father-in-law worked at a pawn shop in Dallas in the ’60s and ’70s. He recently went into a nursing home here, and upon going through some of his possessions, we found a small bag of miscellaneous jewelry that he must have acquired at his business. Inside were two graduation rings: one from Wharton County Junior College, 1972, and one from North Texas State University, 1974. Both were women’s rings and inside both were the initials S.L.P. You probably can see where this is going. If S.L.P. or a relative can be located, I would like to return these.

With help from the 1974 Yucca and alumni records, S.L.P. was identified as Sadie L. Phillips (’74) from Wharton. Unfortunately, Phillips passed away in 1996, but her family members were happy to have the rings returned. They think a break-in at her house in Houston may explain how the rings made it to the Dallas pawn shop.

In other lost ring news, we’ve learned of a North Texas class ring found at least a decade ago in Tularosa, N.M. If you lost a ring engraved with the year 1979, the degree M.B.A. and the initials K.J.R., we can reunite you with your missing jewelry. Just e-mail us at

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