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The area snowfall on Valentine's Day brought out all kinds of Mean Green fans. Joey Saxon ('92, '96 M.B.A.), manager of student accounting and cashiering services at UNT, and his family created this spirited snowperson at their house in Denton. For more photos and video of the snowfall that day, go to



Lasting Memory  

December 1969, Maple Hall From left, front row: Viva Baxter Wilson ('71, '74 M.Ed.), Debbie Mayer McFarlin ('72); middle row: Linda Wood Vaughn ('70, '73 M.S.), Chris Manning Griffin ('70); top row: Judy Thompson Schmidt ('70), Suzanne Shamburger Richardson ('70), Velta Yarbrough ('71). October 2003, Turner Falls, Okla. From left: Judy, Debbie, Viva and Linda.

The four of us in the October picture met 35 years ago in Maple Hall and have stayed close friends all these years. Our time at North Texas was so special for all of us. None of us chose to be in a sorority, but no sorority sisters could be closer. We all got married and had kids about the same time. In October we took a weekend trip to Lake Murray and Turner Falls in Oklahoma. We stopped in Denton on the way and took a quick tour of campus. It brought back so many memories for us. We think it's amazing that we've stayed friends for so long.

Linda Wood Vaughn

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