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The North Texan welcomes letters from alumni and friends. Send letters, with writer's full name and address, to

The North Texan, University of North Texas, Office of University Communications and Marketing, P.O. Box 311070, Denton, Texas 76203-1070.

Letters may also be faxed to (940) 369-8763, sent via Internet to or submitted on this page. Letters may be edited for length and publication style.


More music

I am the mother of a former student at North Texas and want to compliment you on The North Texan magazine. My daughter was an opera major there and found the music school to be one of the best in the country, and the school for which North Texas is primarily recognized. We would like to see music more publicized in literature we receive from the university.

You recognized one jazz professor in the winter 2003 issue. There are former classical students working all over the United States in opera companies, symphonies and chamber ensembles that continually bring honor to the university.

Barbara T. Conway

Editor's note: Thanks for your recommendation. We've covered some prominent music alumni in past issues, such as those in the opera world (summer 2000), one who performs in the CBS Orchestra on the Late Show With David Letterman (winter 2000) and one who served as music director for ABC Television's Schoolhouse Rock (summer 2001). Look for more stories about music in future issues.

Smitty Kiker


Smitty Kiker

Reading Smitty Kiker's obituary notice in the winter North Texan brought back a flood of memories of Yashica Ds, D-76 and rolling 120 film on wire spools. Anyone who signed up for photography thinking it would be an easy class soon found out that Smitty Kiker held everyone to a high standard.

Getting a compliment from Mr. Kiker was something you never forgot, mainly because there were so few of them. Like all good journalists, he took his job seriously, but he didn't take himself seriously.

No doubt somewhere in heaven, Smitty Kiker is setting up a darkroom and teaching the angels how to roll 120 film on wire spools.

Ernie Murray ('77)

Looking forward

I appreciate so much receiving The North Texan. It really brings back many memories of my years spent at North Texas. Your winter 2003 issue had a beautiful obituary of my precious harp professor, Charles Kleinsteuber, who passed away last year. All of your articles are super, and it really keeps me abreast of all the many constant changes happening on campus.

Twyla Eddins-Worthy ('72)

Great exercise

Thanks for the great article about Judi Caudle dancing at the Texas Hoe-Down in Fort Worth this past March (winter 2003). Country-western dancing is a wonderful sport and great exercise. Having taught four semesters through the UNT kinesiology department (under Mr. Maghan) for P.E. credit, I have a special place in my heart for UNT.

Virginia Rainey


In regard to the 'Fessor Graham Award (winter 2003), many great staff members of the education and science departments have been ignored. Those of us who learned much from these professors in the 1950s are disappointed that they were not recognized.

Jerry L. Williams ('53)
Fredericktown, Mo.

Coffee cake

Several years ago, a North Texas classmate gave me a recipe he said was for the coffee cake served at the North Texas student union back in the 1950s. I followed the recipe and the result was delicious.

My classmate has since died and I have misplaced the recipe. Can you help? I'm hungry.

Wiley Gilmore ('55)

Editor's note: You may not be surprised to learn we get many requests from hungry alumni for the famous Union Coffee Cake recipe.

Here it is again, straight from UNT's kitchen, for anyone else who's worked up an appetite.

cake recipe

To print out your own recipe card for the Union Coffee Cake, go here.

For text only version, go here.




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