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The Influential Faculty Awardsl
Fall 2006      


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The Influential Faculty Awards


Forensic anthropologist Harrell Gill-King has said identifying human remains is like “building a car around a key.” He is the director of the UNT Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification.



The fish in Crested Butte, Colo., are treated to a solo by John Haynie, Professor Emeritus of music. He keeps the trumpet handy when he spends time there during the summer. (Photos by Art Haynie)



Lois Swan Jones’ art history survey class regularly drew 300 students, and she also taught medieval art courses and courses on art of other time periods.



Professor Tommie Lawhon taught child development in the School of Home Economics at North Texas before the program moved to the College of Education. She is a certified family life educator and has lectured internationally.



George Morey conducted the North Texas Symphony Orchestra for 25 years and researched ways to reach children with autism through music.



Regents Professor Martin Schwartz continues to teach physical chemistry at UNT. In his research, he uses quantum mechanics to investigate organic and organometallic systems.



J.B. Spalding’s longtime support of campus blood drives earned the associate professor of business the nickname of “The Count.”




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