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The Influential Faculty Awardsl
Fall 2006      


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Ed Coomes, one of a kind

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The Influential Faculty Awards


Influential faculty

The following names were submitted by North Texan readers as faculty members who most influenced them:

Dorothy Babb, Latin
Jim Baird, English
E.G. Ballard, English
Earle Blanton, industrial arts
John Books, political science
Randolph Campbell, history
Meta Carstarphen, journalism
Donald Chipman, history
Marcilla Rogers Collinsworth, admissions
Ed Coomes, history
Tom Doron, journalism
Vernon Eady, education
David Fitch, finance
Henry Gibbons, choral music
Harrell Gill-King, physical anthropology
Barbara Gillespie, education
Clyde Gillespie, education
Larry Gleeson, art history
Jean Greenlaw, reading education
Beulah Harriss, physical education
John J. Haynie, trumpet
Harold Heiberg, piano
E. Vern Huffstutler, education
Bull Hyder, economics
Myron Jacobson, chemistry
Jack Johnson, economics
Lois Swan Jones, art history
Jean Keller, kinesiology
Carolyn Kern, counselor education
Kimi King, political science
Jacqueline Lambiase, journalism
Tommie Lawhon, child development
C.L. Littlefield, management
Editha Luecke, etiquette
Ron Marcello, history
Robert Marquat, education
William McCarter, art
David McGuire, music
Frank McKinley, voice
Paul McWhorter, marketing
George E. Morey, flute
Solveig Olsen, foreign language
Donald Pickens, history
Richard Sale, English
Teel Sale, art
Martin Schwartz, chemistry
Keith Shelton, journalism
J.K.G. Silvey, biology
Paul Smith, education
J.B. Spalding, marketing
Mary Sweet, English
James Tanner, English
Francis Terrell, psychology
Robert Toulouse, graduate school
Jerry Vann, English
Richard Wells, journalism
Mary Whidden, English
Richard White, management


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