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Denton Rocks! by Kelley Reese
Spring 2002      

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Bowling for Soup



Polyphonic Spree

The Hundred Inevitables

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Denton Rocks!

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Fourth album due out late this summer.

photo of the band Slobberbone

Slobberbone Sons of Herman Hall 2002


Prolific band that always has an album coming out soon.


Bowling for Soup
Jive Records

Sophomore release comes out in June or July.

photo of the band Bowling for Soup

Bowling for Soup the Curtain Club 2002


Epic Records

Debut album Welcoming Home the Astronauts was released this spring after the group won VH1’s Bands on the Run television competition in 2001.


  photo of the band Flickerstick

Flickerstick Fry Street Fair 2002

Working on recording live shows for an album to be put out sometime soon; most recent release, We Sing and Play,
came out in 1999.


Tripping Daisy
Disbanded in 1999, but Mark Pirro (’93), Tim DeLaughter and Brian Wakeland joined with 20 other talented musicians to create Polyphonic Spree.

photo of the band Polyphonic Spree

Polyphonic Spree Fry St. Fair 2002


Adam’s Farm
Disbanded in 1996. Matt Pence and Mark Hedman (’92) joined Centro-matic. Jeff Whittington (’92) started the Hundred Inevitables with Toby Pipes (’95) from Deep Blue Something. They’re working on their second album.


  photo of the band Adam's Farm

Adam's Farm:  The Main Event circa 1992

Brutal Juice
Officially disbanded in 1996 in the middle of a tour, but they got together in 2000 and now occasionally play together for fun.


Disbanded in 1996 when frontman Aden Holt (’93) began concentrating full time on releasing other records with his label, OneTon. In 2001 he stopped releasing records and began concentrating on his design studio.

There were a number of other bands in Denton in the ’90s and before, just as there are a number of bands from Denton still today. This story and list are meant to be a sampling of that talent. Thank you to all the musicians who make our university and town a fun place to live.

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