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photo of Georgi Roberts, 1993 alumnus
Alumni Awards

Gloria Kirven ('97 M.A.) and Olaf Harris ('69), members of the UNT alumni awards selection committee, attended the annual alumni awards reception and dinner April 12 at the Gateway Center. To read about this year's recipients, click here.




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Were you a North Texas cheerleader?

For our upcoming story on cheerleading, wed like to know your fondest memories about being a North Texas cheerleader.

If you were a member of a North Texas cheerleading squad and would like to contribute to the story, click here.


photo of football players Lasting Memory  

I’m counting the days until the 2002 North Texas game against Texas. I will always remember the time we played Texas in 1988. I heard an estimate that there were 15,000 North Texas fans at that game in Austin, spurred by the season-opening road victory over Texas Tech. We were in Division I-AA at the time and ranked No. 1 in that division.

As I walked into the stadium, a news team was covering the game from the north end zone, in front of the 10-foot-high University of Texas seal mounted on the wrought-iron gate that surrounds the stadium. The reporter was pointing to the seal, painted green by some North Texas prankster.

Scott Davis had 426 yards of total offense in the game, throwing to Marcus Camper for 224 yards, as North Texas — yes, North Texas — led 21-14 going into the fourth quarter.

Alas, North Texas would not win that game, despite scoring three more points, as Texas scored twice in the fourth. Replays showed neither touchdown should have counted. One touchdown pass was caught completely out of bounds, and the receiver never actually caught the other touchdown. It went right through his hands!

The normally rowdy Texas fans knew they had witnessed a crime. Post-game taunting was minimal, as no one was proud of this game. News accounts in Austin and Dallas agreed.

And for the rest of the semester, my rear windshield said, in white shoe polish: North Texas 24, Texas 14, Refs 13.

The 2002-03 UT Longhorns will be ranked in the top five Aug. 31 when UNT plays them. But I like our chances. Another Scott (Hall) will be starting at QB. See you in Austin!

Scott Campbell (’82), who attended UT
before graduating from North Texas

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