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overcoming the jitters

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Overcoming the Jitters
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Individual attention

Swindle remembers the first time as a student at North Texas that he felt he should give up writing. It involved a sexually transmitted disease.

"Back in '68 the journalism department was headed by the legendary C.E. Shuford," says Swindle, who was the Campus Chat editor at the time. "He was an incredibly demanding professor, and I remember the 30- to 40-minute slash sessions he'd spend tearing apart the paper. During one of the worst sessions, he was furious because I had misspelled 'venereal' 13 times on the front page.

"By the end of it I was totally convinced that going into newspapers was a complete waste of time for me."

He also benefited from that individualized attention, however. "It was a small department filled with professors who had a great interest in their students," he says. "I got a lot of nurturing, and if I'd have been in a larger department, I'm not sure I would've graduated."

He recalls struggling through school while working one or two jobs, and when he thought he'd drop out, it was his professors who found scholarship money and support for him.

"I guess that's why I have such strong feelings for North Texas," he says. "They also gave me something else very important. After I graduated, I was pretty self sufficient and I had a self confidence that I had never had before."



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