<p>Carol Hagen with parent and child</p>
Child Lab

2014 Winter

UNT's Child Development Lab molds pre-schoolers, future teachers.

<p>Photographer with camera</p>
Video: 2014 Holiday video

2014 Winter

See what life at UNT sounds like and how we work together in harmony.

Reclassifying Understudied Art

2014 Fall

Are medieval rock-cut temples in southern India sculpture or architecture?

Quintuplets Start Freshman Year

2014 Fall

The Diaz siblings settle in at UNT as they begin their college journey.

Sport Marketing Innovator

2014 Spring

Bill Schmidt, 1972 Olympic bronze medalist in the javelin carved out career in business.

Game Show Win

Learn how Katie Hoodie, a graduate musicology student, made her neighbor happy with her Wheel of Fortune appearance.

<p>Man painting chair</p>
Heart of Mexico

2013 Winter

UNT journalism students tell stories about life in Mexico.

JFK Events Impact Journalists' Careers

2013 Fall

For three UNT alumni, president's assassination was just one of many major events they covered.

Mentor Denton

2013 Fall

UNT joins community partners to mentor 1,000 children in Denton schools.

Night at the Museum

2013 Fall

Visitors to the Perot Museum in Dallas experienced UNT research up close this summer.