Excellent Faculty

UNT alumni recognize faculty for their career success.

Reporter Bob Huffaker speaking into microphone
JFK Memories

2013 Winter

UNT alumnus Bob Huffaker recalls covering JFK assassination.

An Interesting List

The spring issue of The North Texan reminded me of how many musicians are UNT alums.

A Great Leader

2013 Fall

I will miss the presence that Dr./Brig. Gen. Hurley had on campus during my enrollment.

'50s Fun

2013 Fall

I attended a banquet at church this summer that had a '50s theme.

Dog Days Visitors

2013 Fall

Not only am I an employee of UNT, but I am also part of the Dog Days of Denton.

Still Running

2013 Fall

I was happy to see the letter from former track and cross country members who are still running.

Convertible Days

2013 Fall

I found this picture in my North Texas scrapbook.

Achieving Success

2013 Fall

A UNT education helps students rise to the top.

UNT Engagement

2013 Spring

Matt ('07) and I met on campus the first year Victory Hall opened.