A Great Leader

2013 Fall

I will miss the presence that Dr./Brig. Gen. Hurley had on campus during my enrollment.

'50s Fun

2013 Fall

I attended a banquet at church this summer that had a '50s theme.

Dog Days Visitors

2013 Fall

Not only am I an employee of UNT, but I am also part of the Dog Days of Denton.

Still Running

2013 Fall

I was happy to see the letter from former track and cross country members who are still running.

Convertible Days

2013 Fall

I found this picture in my North Texas scrapbook.

Achieving Success

2013 Fall

A UNT education helps students rise to the top.

UNT Engagement

2013 Spring

Matt ('07) and I met on campus the first year Victory Hall opened.

One or Two Buzzes

In the fall of 1971, I signed up for a dorm room in Kendall Hall. It was cheaper than other dorms and I liked the way it looked. The components were brick and stone, lovely colors. It had good bones.

A Cool Place

2013 Spring

One of my favorite places on campus was the gazebo.

Union Date

2013 Spring

I was a little confused about a comment made in the short article about a new Union.