African American educators
Hall of Fame Educators

2016 Winter

UNT alumni Inducted into African American Education Archives and History Program Hall of Fame.

Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel
Joseph L. Lengyel

2016 Winter

The ROTC cadet reached the National Guard's highest rank -- and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Lori Sekhon
Advancing Autism Awareness

2016 Winter

Alumni are using clinical and behavioral techniques as a piece of the puzzle in understanding those with autism.

Growing and Crafting

2016 Fall

Alumni are part of a booming industry of winemakers and brewers who are growing and going local.

Sandra Palmer

2016 Fall

A beloved Distinguished Alumna has achieved legendary success setting her own course.

The Art of Innovation

2016 Fall

Blending elements of art, science and technology, alumni are using out-of-the-box, interdisciplinary thinking to make new discoveries.

Speech and Hearing

2016 Summer

Alumni respond to growing need to help patients young and old communicate and be heard.

Dawn Ferrell

2016 Summer

She was the first woman to reach the rank of brigadier general in the Texas Air National Guard.

Living Healthy

2016 Summer

UNT alumni promote physical fitness, healthy eating and emotional and spiritual well-being

Language of Business

2016 Spring

Accounting alumni use skills in accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.