Acting Veteran

2016 Spring

Libby Villari has been acting in Texas for 30 years. Now she's ready to take on Hollywood.

Music Man

2016 Spring

UNT alumnus Azim Rashid works behind the scenes for music's top artists.

Grammy Time

2016 Spring

Once again, UNT and the world-renowned College of Music were well represented at the Grammys.

Danielle Burbidge

2016 Spring

How can you add style to your home or office space?

Kim Wasson

2016 Spring

Alumna brought visual effects to the screen for the Oscar-nominated Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Down to the Wire

2016 Spring

Musician Dariush Rad added president and CEO to his list of titles.

Lone Star

UNT professor Dornith Doherty named 2016 Texas State Visual Artist.

Guitar Man

2015 Winter

UNT alumnus Ryan Davidson wins big honor from Canada's country music awards.

Acting in Europe

UNT graduate Tyler Donahue fulfills dream by acting in Europe.

Eclectic Playwright

2015 Winter

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Doug Wright serves as 2015-16 artist-in-residence at UNT.