Comic Relief

2016 Spring

UNT student Megan McKay provides comic relief with cartoons depicting college life.

Courting Fame

2016 Spring

UNT alumna Brandi Maxiell courts fame on TV show "Basketball Wives LA".

Winning Violinist

2016 Spring

UNT alumna Suela Lee garners awards as part of Zorá String Quartet.

UNT Alumnus Brad Allen Williams Draws Praise for Album

For his album Lamar, guitarist Brad Allen Williams ('03) wanted an honest capture of a musical moment -- three musicians playing together in one room in half a day without rehearsal.

Memorable Date

2016 Spring

Clara Bensen turned one unusual date into a book.

Behind the Scenes

2016 Spring

Jayme Marrs Castle ('06) may have one of the most important jobs in the theatre.

Acting Veteran

2016 Spring

Libby Villari has been acting in Texas for 30 years. Now she's ready to take on Hollywood.

Music Man

2016 Spring

UNT alumnus Azim Rashid works behind the scenes for music's top artists.

Powerful Memory

2016 Spring

Miroslav Penkov, associate professor of English wrote the novel Stork Mountain.

Land Ethic

2016 Spring

Distinguished Research Professor of philosophy tackles new environment philosophy.