Robbie Richard modeling suit
Promoting Excellence

2010 Winter

UNT’s students and faculty garner national recognition as leaders in their fields.

Rec Center user on elliptical machine
Creating Power

2010 Winter

Pohl Recreation Center users feed campus power grid, plus other news.

Jodi Lee Duryea holding meal
Jodi Lee Duryea

2010 Winter

Why do we celebrate holidays with certain foods?

Great Things are Happening at UNT

2010 Fall

Students in UNT's women's studies program took a trip to Tunisia.

Putting UNT on the Map

2010 Spring

Gretchen M. Bataille helped grow UNT’s reputation during her tenure as president.

Focusing on Students

2010 Spring

UNT faculty mentors are committed to the success of each individual student.

Children’s Fashion

2010 Spring

First exhibition of children’s clothing presented by the Texas Fashion Collection.

Jacobean Nuptials

2010 Spring

English assistant professor produces first full-length study of Jacobean nuptial performance.

Renowned Activist and Scholar

2010 Spring

Cornel West, Princeton professor and civil rights activist, discussed social justice.

University Collaborations

2010 Spring

UNT partnerships with institutions in China and India will foster joint research activities.