Melding art and science

Ruth WestOn Dallas Innovates, you can read a story about UNT's xREZ Art + Science lab, in which engineers and artists are working together to solve today's biggest problems and make sense out of data. Led by Ruth West, the lab director and an associate professor, the lab blurs the line between art and science and is helping our students think outside the box. The lab's centerpiece is an immersive, full-body virtual reality system where multiple people can interact with data at the same time.

Also, read commentaries by Greg Watts, dean of the College of Visual Arts and Design, and Michael C. Carroll, director of UNT's new Economic Research Group.

STEM to STEAM: Watts explores this "movement" in education to help parents and students better understand the importance of market-ready skills. Read his commentary on the topic.


The Innovation Economy: Carroll explores "The Innovation Economy." Read his commentary explaining how knowledge, culture and collaboration influence innovation, and how those factors lead to the strength or weakness of the economy.


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